About Us

BERAK ENERJİ is founded in 2008 in İstanbul as a Solar Technology Company with in all Turkish capital.  Our principle aim is to do high quality GES investments. For this reason we continue our activities with our experienced engineers and technical staff. Our company base is in İstanbul and beside this we continiue our activities with our offices in İzmir,Bursa, Antalya ande Adana.

BERAK ENERJİ 's Advantage over other manufacturers is know-how!

Our Company has been actively dealing with turnkey PV solar  system integration within several areas with our technology  providers and partners.

For industrial organizations, hospitals, hotels, highways, universities and for similar public areas, the use of photovoltaic systems certainly will support their prestige and sensitive image, whilst maintaining an aesthetic appearance.

BERAK ENERJİ ... Always on Time !

Renewable energy investment will not just protect environmental health but will also reduce your electricity costs efficiently and ensure you get the return from your investment. It will also  guarantee a safer and cleaner world for generations to come.

Message from BERAK ENERJİ;
We believe , that renewable energy through the almost limitless free supply from the sun, is key to a cleaner and safer future for generations to come.

As being Berak Enerji we invest on clean energy potential. Our focus on developing and manufacturing  Solar Panels at competitive prices, will guarantee an improved environment for the world around us.
In recent years solar panel market is expanding all over the world. So that Berak Enerji focus on Turkey and well organized to this dynamic market to support the expanding customer base.

BERAK ENERJİ, aims to ensure total satisfaction to all of our customers by combining R&D and engineering technologies with  innovation, skill, experience.

Our energy will never be consumed …!