Our Workers

Berak Enerji in achieving our goals as we believe that our employees are the foundation for success and power with this philosophy; energetic, innovative and open to learning, respectful and institutions connected to the business, so he and a friend around our adding value to our company that we want to continue on our way.

With the objective approach to the selection of our colleagues, to present himself to the people by indiscriminate development and promotion opportunities, career planning for many years in the foreground holding their wishes and skills we act together with the operating principles.

During application, study of the requirements of the relevant position, experience, language skills are important, but also the personal qualities and competencies that are observed in the talks, plays an important role in the selection of candidates.

www.berakenerji.co and applications sent to info@berakenerji.co taken to address as a priority examination when needed and will be invited for an interview if found suitable.

Berak wage system aims to improve the quality of staff performance and therefore a person's competence to determine the fee is taken into account performance and market conditions.

Staff access to the plant is done by the service system of the different routes. Food service is supplied by a company that contracted in the factory.

Berak Enerji recently joined the staff are taken to work according to the position and orientation programs planned. This orientation program is informed by experts in personnel within the firm's other departments. Production and learn about HR processes.